Tips & Tricks

Reload a dizmo

  • Via the item in the dizmo menu. reload item
  • CTRL or cmd + Mouse click on Icon

Note: You can only reload a dizmo while in the development mode.

Tree Navigation

See possible nodes in storage tree

dizmo.publicStorage.getProperty("",{nodes: true})

See possible attributes

dizmo.getAttribute("settings") // returns object

Find a dizmo

var stickyNotes = viewer.getDizmos().filter(function(x){return x.getBundle().identifier.indexOf("stickynotes")>-1})

Create dizmoObj from an ID

dizmo.identifier // to get the identifier of the current dizmo
new dizmojs.Dizmo("h49102e41b0f2117a3a2a6c819d6447c8")

Instantiate a new dizmo via bundleID

var bundleTimer = new dizmojs.Bundle("com.dizmo.timer") // creates bundle object
bundleTimer.instantiateDizmo({},{},{},function(){console.log("done")})  // attributes, publicStorage, privateStorage, callback

Interate over all dizmos with .map()

viewer.getDizmos().map(function(x){return x.publicStorage.getProperty("stdout");})

Setting a new dizmo icon

To indicate a different dizmo state, especially for a iconified dizmo, you can set a new icon during runtime of the dizmo:

Put additional images into the root folder of the dizmo or inside the assets folder. Then set the new icon via:


Recursive subscriptions

dizmo.publicStorage.subscribeToProperty("stdout",function(e){console.log(e);},{recursive:true},function(){console.log("subscription to property established")})