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Finance Workspace

by dizmo inc.

A Day made of Glass

by Corning Incorporated


by dizmo inc.

DizmoViewer is the digital whitespace where things happen.


by dizmo inc.

DizmoStore is the market place where you can search, select, buy and download dizmo(s).

Unifying all input methods

by dizmo inc.

You can move, resize and rotate dizmos on your screen using the latest multi touch screen or with a standard computer mouse or even an infrared pen.

Docking process

by dizmo inc.

Inside dizmo you manage your home quite easily by integrating the Phillips Hue light controller dizmo or by adding the Koubachi plant sensor dizmo.

Sharing with dizmoLive

by dizmo inc.

Share your dizmos in real time across multiple devices and locations.


by dizmo inc.

DizmoSynchro is a cloud-based service which extends the functionality of asynchronous sharing of setups included in the dizmoViewer standard software.