From Data to Action

Dizmo, the Interface of ThingsTM, uniquely connects data, services and applications into one interactive workspace. An intuitive decisioning platform, Dizmo links the physical and digital worlds, offering dynamic composition capabilities, compelling collaborative services and a range of IoT facilities.

Dizmo offers multiple benefits to your business:

  • Rapidly turn data into actionable insights
  • Create more effective and efficient processes
  • Accelerate innovation

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Visual Orchetration

The problem we solve

From ERP to IoT platforms, digital transformation means more data and more data sources than ever before. Many are siloed with different protocols, which makes integration and analysis complex and time-consuming. Today’s wider user base requires a more intuitive solution.

Dizmo unites incompatible back-end applications into a single, easy-to-use front-end interface. Instead of drowning in data, your users can act quickly to exploit its potential.

Interactive and collaborative workspace

Dizmo links the digital and physical worlds, giving you full interactive control over the applications it integrates. Rapidly combine data and functionality to create actionable insights.


Dynamic Composition

Dizmo integrates back-end systems into one surface application. By removing silos, Dizmo enables dynamic data exchange and streamlined workflows.


IT-OT orchestration

Dizmo simplifies system control. Thanks to patented technologies, Dizmo lets you intuitively orchestrate the applications below its surface in real time. With Dizmo, you can make better decisions, faster.

Measurable improvement


Up to 30% more accurate decisions


Up to 10 times faster delivery for integration projects


Up to 70% more usability for manufacturing workers


Up to 50% reduction in cost

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