The Interface of Things

A disruptive digital workspace, based on a new class of User Interface software.

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“Everyone talks about smart kitchen, but no one really does it!”

We caught up with our partner Veriset and asked them a few questions about the future of the intelligent kitchen and also learned why it is one thing to make a marketing video, but a complete different one to actually build a working prototype.

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Watson without borders

Workplace 3.0 methodologies and cognitive systems will morph the workplace in ways we haven’t yet even imagined. Still, and as Gartner eloquently puts it, functionalities that enable the ‘shift from technology-literate people to people-literate technology’.

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The future of the workplace

The evolution of the desktop isn’t just placing screens on every surface to make them interactive. There’s tangible benefits to creating a system where data points and applications can remain solo when needed, but can still collaborate and share data efficiently too.[…]

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The developers area is where people can learn how to create innovative dizmos, invent new functionalities, develop original services and quickly try out advanced human to machine interactions. Becoming a developer requires only a few hours of self-training using our SDK and our short and simple API documentation.

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