The Interface of Things

A disruptive digital workspace, based on a new class of User Interface software.

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Drive innovation into your product stack and agility into the way you collaborate.
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Connected cooking

Whilst connected kitchen specific gadgets and gizmos might be able to do certain things in the kitchen really well, they ultimately fail to address the aspect of the butler experience which understands that the world outside the kitchen is also important.[…]

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Workplace 3.0

The advent of Workplace 3.0 is pressing upon us. Previous concepts of workspaces are evolving fast, with process and culture changing within companies. Management used to a specific way of doing things are having to embrace a new way of thinking to ensure they remain competitive […]

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The developers area is where people can learn how to create innovative dizmos, invent new functionalities, develop original services and quickly try out advanced human to machine interactions. Becoming a developer requires only a few hours of self-training using our SDK and our short and simple API documentation.

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