Upload your dizmo to dizmoStore

When you upload a dizmo to dizmoStore, you will be flagged as its owner and developer. You can only change and update a dizmo that you own.

Should you see the error message "Request requires role ‘developer’ – Error Nr.: 1006", you are not enrolled as a developer. Only enrolled developers can upload and distribute dizmos on dizmoStore. You can read more on how to become an enrolled developer.


Before you can upload your dizmo, you have to set the dizmoStore host, and your dizmoID user and password parameters.

They can be set via the store/host, store/user and store/pass configuration in package.json (or better in .generator-dizmo/config.json) or the DZM_STORE_HOST, DZM_STORE_USER and DZM_STORE_PASS environment variables.

Note: username and password should not be directly set in package.json but instead via the default configuration, to avoid the store credentials to be accidentally committed to a version control system.

You’ll also need to set a category in package.json. The available categories are: books_and_references, comics, communication, education, entertainment, finance, games, health_and_fitness, libraries_and_demo, lifestyle, media_and_video, medical, music_and_audio, news_and_magazines, personalization, photography, productivity, shopping, social, sports, tools, transportation, travel_and_local and weather.

Example package.json

    "dizmo": {
        "store": {
            "host": "https://store-api.dizmo.com"
    "settings": {
        "bundle-identifier": "com.example.my_project",
        "bundle-name": "My Project",
        "category: "tools",

Example .generator-dizmo/config.json

        "store": {
            "host": "https://store-api.dizmo.com",
            "user": "..",
            "pass": ".."


Use the following command to upload and publish your dizmo to the dizmoStore in one step:

    npm run upload

In the cases, where only an upload is desired, but no publication the
following can be executed:

    npm run upload -- --no-publish

In cases where only a publication is required, but the upload itself is desired
to be skipped, the following can be executed:

    npm run upload -- --publish

However the command above assume, that the actual upload has already been performed! Hence, executing it without having previous uploaded a dizmo will fail, since there would be no uploaded dizmo to publish.


You can not upload a dizmo with the same version number more than once. Should you encounter the error message "Dizmo version already existing in store – Error Nr.: 1208" when uploading a dizmo, make sure you update the version in package.json e.g from 0.0.1 to 0.0.2 before you attempt to upload again.