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Please do not modify our images

We request that you only use our images in the form provided. Feel free to resize our images, however please do not crop or modify them in any other way.

Feel free to use these images whenever you’re writing about dizmo but if you’re looking for something more specific please contact our media relations team.

Title Image Download (PNG)
dizmo dizmo 72dpi | 300dpi
dizmo (no colour) dizmo (no colour) 72dpi | 300dpi
dizmo inversed dizmo inversed 72dpi | 300dpi
dizmo inversed (no colour) dizmo inversed (no colour) 72dpi | 300dpi
logo only Logo only 72dpi
dizmo image 01 dizmo image 01 150dpi
dizmo image 02 dizmo image 02 150dpi
dizmo image 03 dizmo image 03 150dpi
dizmo image 04 dizmo image 04 150dpi
dizmo image 05 dizmo image 05 150dpi
dizmo image 06 dizmo image 06 150dpi
dizmo image 07 dizmo image 07 150dpi

All logo files

Download a zip file of all our logo files