The recent evolution of digital transformation has lead to a shared problematic across industry segments:

The recent increase in terms of data sources is unprecedented, and the nature of data has also changed, coming from physical and digital worlds. The volume of data, the variety of sources and the velocity of actions has dramatically changed.

The user is drowning under data, user interfaces & menus and, as a consequence, is unable to use the new services we are bringing to him. Furthermore, there is now a new class of users, and what was the specialist role, is now the duty of the citizen in almost all the digital transformation segments. The speed at which he has to take and implement decisions has also changed in magnitude.

Examples of how Dizmo uniquely solves the problematic are available below.


Enterprise Digital Platforms

The digital transformation in the enterprise is a unique occasion to go beyond digital and revolutionize the processes and workflows. To achieve such a target, flexibility, usability and interactivity accros platforms and systems will be instrumental in making the digital transformation journey successful. You will find below examples of Dizmo solves those needs in multiple enterprise use cases.

Insuretech – AXA example

Financial Services

Presentation and collaboration

Digital Canvas


Smart Infrastructures

Infrastructures are now becoming smart. However, the smartness is yet unresolved, because all infrastructure use cases are dealing with a wealth of siloed applications, events and humans needs are yet to be resolved. You will find below examples of how Dizmo solves those needs in multiple infrastructure use cases.

Smart Building


Connected Logistics


Industry X.0

The industry moves to smartness will require new tools to allow bridging heterogeneous data coming from the IT and OT worlds and adapt them to the human needs, accros all profiles. You will find below examples of how Dizmo solves those needs in multiple industry use cases.

intelligent manufacturing

Industrial IoT


Asset Tracking


Smart Living

Bringing Smartness into modern days living style is yet unsuccessful and its adoption rate and persuasion will be effective only when the industry will be able to move from automation to truly smart living. Truly smart homes and offices will understand human needs. You will find below examples of how Dizmo solves those needs in multiple smart living use cases.

Smart Living Reinvented

The Digital Butler


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