What is dizmoSynchro?

You probably know the problem: You are working on a project and want to show it to your team members in order to get valued feedbacks and contributions but they are on the other side of town? Or your setup is not yet completed but you want to finish it at home on another device without being forced to take your laptop with you? With dizmoSynchro – enabling a cross-platform collaborative workspace – you can now all do this very easily!

Cross-platform collaborative workspace
The dizmoSynchro cloud service is a great addition to dizmoViewer, where before you could design and share up to 5 setups across any device it is now limitless! Not only does the dizmoSynchro service allow you to build an infinite number of dizmo projects (so-called setups), these setups can also be shared asynchronously with other users, so they can interact and contribute to your ideas. You can perform individual or group sharing, user defined, or even publically share your setup – which will become available to the whole community of users, on any machine, and in any location.

What is dizmo Synchro - A cross-platform collaborative workspace

All this makes dizmo the ultimate cross-platform collaborative workspace and we’re excited about the collaborative options you now have! To learn more about dizmoSynchro and to see it in action watch the video on our key features page.

Don’t forget to give us your valued feedback and ideas! Remember, you can also get in touch using support@dizmo.com, post to the community forums, and keep up with the latest news on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Stay tuned as we have more in store for you with the next software update!

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