Use dizmo in your kitchen

You can use dizmo in the kitchen without fearing that water or dust (or maybe in this case flour) will wet or dirty the display on which it is running. Not only are the flush-mountable 40-finger touch monitors of Novis very slim with absolutely flat fronts and backs, but they are also protected against dust, dirt, steam and water. A further benefit is that they are very durable and easy to clean. Surprise your friends and familiy with a sumptuous meal with dizmo as your kitchen assistant to help you plan and cook the dishes.

We are proud to announce Novis Technik + Design GmbH as a dizmo partner. Novis is a monitor manufacture based in Southern Germany. Since more than 20 years the company has been developing and producing LCD monitors with outstanding design and functional characteristics. For dizmo IoT applications like smart home and collaboration, Novis products are a perfect fit.

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