Key features


DizmoViewer is a digital blank slate where anything can happen. You can add dizmos (digital objects) to the dizmoViewer, as well as place, move, and combine them as you wish. Some of the key features of dizmoViewer are:

  • Add and use as many dizmos as you need
  • Organize (move, rotate, re-size, zoom in/out, group and iconize) dizmos on any digital surface
  • Swiftly navigate through an infinite digital space with a zoom-able user interface

Once dizmoViewer is installed, you have access to dizmoStore to search, select, buy, and download additional available dizmos.


DizmoStore is where you can search, select, buy, and download dizmos. DizmoStore is available within dizmoViewer. Depending on your user profile, you can either download and/or upload to dizmoStore using any dizmo-enabled device. DizmoStore includes the required DRM mechanisms to control and protect your intellectual property.

Unifying all input methods

Work with dizmo any way you like: On a touchscreen, with a trackpad or a mouse or on a interactive wall with an infrared pen.


Dizmos can also be linked together by putting two or more dizmos side-by-side, a simple process called ‘docking’ – enabling them to exchange data and build new, amazing functions.

Sharing with dizmoLive

DizmoLive is a cloud-based service which extends the live-sharing functionality included in dizmoViewer’s standard software. With this standard feature, you can share one or more dizmos, through a Pad dizmo, with other devices, and/or with users on a local network. With the dizmoLive service, you can share the same Pad dizmo with one or more users live, on any device and any location. Multiple sessions can be run in parallel, allowing any combination of Pad, dizmos and device/users connections.


DizmoSynchro is a cloud-based service which extends the functionality of asynchronous sharing, allowing you to share the setups included in dizmoViewer’s standard software. In the standard dizmoViewer software, you can ‘move’ (save and open) a fixed number of dizmoViewer projects (so-called setups) across any dizmo-enabled device. By subscribing to dizmoSynchro, you can operate on an unlimited number of setups across any dizmo-enabled device. It also allows you to share setups across users, a user defined group, or with everyone (making it ‘public’). You can set the rights given to those you share setups with.

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