Visualizing and controlling IoT with Dizmotics

After the IoT Hackathon, Markus Jung, the head behind the project Dizmotics, presented the finalized “hack” in our offices. As demonstrated in the video below, you can use Dizmotics to switch on a light, connect it to a physical light switch through docking and control switching your lights on and off.

Instead of a switch that a person flicks on and off, you could connect it with an wireless sensor to detect movement, dock it to the alarm dizmo and a dizmo light switch and voilà, you have an intrusion alarm.

How does it work?

Dizmotics uses dizmo as the user interface for IoTSyS, IoTSyS is an Internet of Things integration middleware unifying the interface to serveral technologies (e.g. EnOcean, KNX, BACnet, 6LoWPAN, RFID) used in home and building automation that are not interoperable, thus breaking up the digital silos. As the original control interface of IoTSyS is based on RESTful Web services – porting it to dizmo went smoothly.

As illustrated in the video below, controlling and visualizing physical objects with Dizmotics is bi-directional and interoperable. KNX is the standard for controlling the lights or the thermostat and EnOcean is the battery-free wireless light switch (the white switch in the hand in the video below). This white switch can switch on and off the EnOcean dizmo and if it is docked, create a more complex functionality.

Dizmotics is an ease to use, very intuitive, yet powerful technology for the Internet of Things and automation systems.