Shared pad – #competition “how did we do it” answer edition #2

Can you answer our riddle of our contest #HowDidWeDoIT edition#2? With a shared pad!

A tablet is placed on the lefthand side of a laptop. Both are connected through dizmoLive and sharing in real time a Pad. The Pad on the laptop is located on the left with a transparent frame, so that the Pad appears invisible. On the tablet, the shared Pad is on the right, with a transparent frame and positioned just off screen. The Map dizmo on the laptop is moved onto the shared Pad, so that it appears on the tablet. Dragging the Map to the left moves it out of the shared Pad and thus it disappears from the laptop.

This time, Roni Puž was the first who came near the answer. Congrats Roni Puž!

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