The answer to our #competition “how did we do it” edition #1

We asked you in our contest #HowDidWeDoIT, to explain how we could drag a web page from on a tablet onto the table and back again as shown in the video below.

The violet Pad projected on the table is shared with the tablet through dizmoLive, which allows real time sharing of one or more dizmos across devices using what is called a Pad dizmo. All dizmos on the violet Pad dizmo are shared across the two dizmoViewers, the one on the interactive table and the one the tablet. Hence the dizmo which seem moving from the tablet to the interactive table and back is indeed on both devices simultaneously. The one on the interactive table is hidden behind the tablet on the violet area of the Pad.

The first person who came near to the correct answer was Colt Majkrzak and wins the electric imp. Congrats Colt!

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