“How Did We Do It” Edition Three Dizmo Video Competition is now live!

We are pleased to present another edition of dizmo’s video competition!

To enter #Edition3, all you need to do is watch the video and tell us what you think is happening, and how we’re using dizmoViewer.

Whoever solves the riddle will win a Kensington International Travel Adapter with dual USP ports!

In our recent competitions, we have seen dizmoViewer being used in various ways, where we have shown real time sharing using dizmoLive, through tablet and laptop configuration. Now, with Edition3 competition live, it’s time to work out the next challenge! Can you work out the riddle?

Head to our Facebook page to watch the video, and post your answer A, B, or C in the comments beneath the video:

Question: How is the interactive wall created in this video?

A) The interactive wall is a rear projection using touch sensitive foil.
B) The wall is supported by a projector using an infrared pen and a Wii controller.
C) The entire wall is a gigantic touch screen on which dizmo is being used.

The winner will be revealed when the competition closes on March 18th 2015!

Good Luck!
The dizmo team

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