Add smart lists to your dizmos

The dizmoElements library includes a new element. You can now use the List element to easily add ordered or unordered lists with scrollbars to your dizmos. Here is an example of a static list. Define the list and it’s content in index.html: <div id=”my-list” class=”list no-dizmo-drag” data-type=”dizmo-list”> <ul> <li>Take out trash</li> <li>Wash dishes</li> <li>Walk the […]

Linux User and Developer Magazine features a tutorial with dizmo

We are proud to announce that the Linux User and Developer Magazine has written a tutorial using dizmo. The tutorial is featured in print issue 152 and shows how to monitor the temperature of a Raspberry Pi CPU when it is set up as the brain for the Internet of Things at home or office. […]

Innovation in Healthcare Real Estate: Ambient Assisted Living

As part of the Immohealthare conference, our CEO Matthias Aebi talked about “The Interface of Things – A comprehensive approach for personalized assistance systems.” After the presentation we asked him several questions about the event and his talk. What is the main purpose of the Immohealthcare conference and what role did you play? It is […]