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The dizmo ThingWorx Quick Start Guide explains to you how to create your own ThingWorx “On Demand Dashboard” from entities in the ThingWorx mash-up. First, you need to connect up the data streams. Connecting dizmo to your ThingWorx domain is easy! All you need is the “Connector” dizmo. Please watch this tutorial learn about the Connector dizmo and where you can find it.

Second, you will need to download the latest version of the dizmo software. Please use the download link below.

Briefly explained, the Connector dizmo will dynamically display in real-time all of the “things” you generated in your ThingWorx Composer. Moreover, it will make available to you the most commonly used data visualisers and IoT control dizmos to complete your On Demand Dashboard solution.

..and it doesn’t end there! You can find additional useful dizmos for your dashboarding needs in the dizmoStore. What is dizmoStore? Take a look at this short video – and the other tutorials below – to learn more about it.

Any questions or need any help? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Welcome again to dizmoViewer for ThingWorx!


Mac OS X

DMG Version 1.3r1

Before you download, you must agree to the Dizmo License Agreement.


Windows 10

EXE x64 (64bit) Version 1.3r1

Before you download, you must agree to the Dizmo License Agreement.



DEB x64 (64bit, Ubuntu) 1.3r1

Before you download, you must agree to the Dizmo License Agreement.

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Additional information

We want you to get the best out of dizmo’s software. While we continue working hard to enhance it, we have put together a few lists to speed up your progress with dizmoViewer.
* Known Issues, Workarounds and Recommendations
* Description of the available dizmos in your dizmoStore
* information about usage of dizmoLive if you’re a Windows user

Please note: we are updating the dizmos regularly. In order to use the latest versions of all your dizmos, please make sure you regularly go to the dizmoStore, click on the “…” box, then click on “My purchased dizmos”, log in, and select “Update all”.

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