Available dizmos

Name Description Version
About* Displays license and system information
Calculator Classic Calculator v0.20
CaptureToPDF Capture scenes or positions to a PDF v0.7
Chess Play Chess against a computer opponent v1.15
Chess2Player Play Chess against a human opponent v1.05
Clock Analog Clock with support for Timezones and Alarm v2.71.17
Color Slider Switch on/off, control brightness and color, docks to PhilipsHue v0.26
Converter Converts temperatures and lengths, docks to Calculator and Weather v1.53
Creator* Allows to instantiate and deinstall dizmos
DisplayQR Display the QR Code of an URL, docks to Tiny Browser v1.15
Dizmo Store* Allows to install dizmos
Docking Output Display Docking information (dizmo for developer) v1.61
Feedback Submit Feedback to dizmo support v1.13
Getting started* Walks you through the main features and and capabilities of dizmoViewer
Gauge (New) Visualizes a numerical input v0.3.6
Helper* Online help
Linker Allows to jump to a saved position v1.0.8
Map Displays OpenStreet and Google Maps v0.63
Navigator Navigate between user defined scene and slides in side dizmoViewer v4.26
Pad* Use the Pad to build and share setups (collections of dizmos)
PDF Viewer* Displays PDF files
PhilipsHue Control a Philips Hue Bridge with connected lamps v1.10
Reset Reset the geometry of all dizmos to a saved one v1.61
RSSReader Display the latest messages from an RSS Feed v1.81
Show dizmos Shows the version of the installed dizmos v0.31
Sketchit Draw and sketch your ideas v3.42
StickyNotes A StickyNote to keep track of your Notes v2.15.29
Setups* Alternative way (to the Pad) to manage setups
Slides* Displays an image or collections of images
Stock Price** Display financial info from the stock market v1.01
Teleporter Find dizmos by name v1.4.7
Tiny Browser* Access any given URL / Website
Timer (New) A simple visual timer v0.1
ToDo A simple To Do List to keep track of things that need to be done v0.2
Twitter A dizmo for the popular social media platform v2.8.2
Value Range** A tri-color switch v0.18
Video Player* Plays MP4 videos from a given URL or locally stored
Weather Displays the current weather conditions and forecast for a given location v2.0.92
Wordle A Word-Cloud dizmo, can be docked to the Tiny Browser v1.44.63
Youtube Player A simple Youtube Video Player, enter a Youtube URL on the back v1.0.12
Youtube Stats** Graphs views, likes and comments of Youtube Videos, docks to the Youtube Player v0.54
* = installed by default, meaning you can just click on the Creator (+ sign on the bottom) and type it in
** = Demo dizmo