Raspberry Pi meets dizmo

Raspberry Pi, the credit-card sized computer and must-have for any tech-lab, has recently also claimed its place in the IoT world, which is how it grabbed our attention.

Fascinated by its sleek looking 7”-touchscreen, driven by playfulness, we of course wanted to run dizmo on it. Such said, such done: We first made dizmoViewer run on an ARM architecture in Raspbian. By setting the dizmoViewer up so that it would only display one dizmo at a time, we then could also implement a way to swipe between dizmos.

The coolest part about it, ist that once dizmoViewer runs on the Raspberry Pi, all dizmos work just as on a normal machine. Instantiating new dizmos can easily be done by sharing a pad from another device to the Raspberry Pi.

We made a short video of demonstrating our mini dizmoViewer. If you come across any other creative use-case for it, give us a shout or leave a comment at the bottom!

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