Our $2m funding gets press excited

What were they all talking about? Essentially, a team of entrepreneurs, led by hybris CEO Ariel Luedi, invested $2 million into our company and our technology. Luedi has also joined our board of directors, giving us the benefit of his vast experience as an industry leader as well as the investment we need to develop our software platform.
With his experience and this funding, we should be well positioned to accelerate our go to market. And you know what that means: you’ll have the sci-fi technology you’ve always dreamed about in your home or office sooner than you think.

When we sought out investment from a team of entrepreneurs, we thought only of our desire to get our interface technology to market. We knew we had fans like you who were eager to go from seeing videos of our software platform to start playing with the technology yourself, and we were eager to make that happen as soon as possible.

ITProPortal, one of the UK’s leading technology information website, said of our funding, “Interest in the project is apparently thriving, because following a successful Kickstarter that raised $44,000 (£26,000), dizmo is now boasting that it has pulled in a $2 million (£1.2 million) investment ponied up by a team of hopeful entrepreneurs.” FinSMEs, Tech Guru Daily and ICTjournal all covered the funding, Kicktraq included it in their ‘latest news’ feed, and sites like ThingMuse, pauldzirvinskis.org and MarketWatch included mentions of the funding. We also saw pieces on Yahoo! Finance, CTI Startup, News.nom.co, TechNews.Technology and more.

What we didn’t expect was the amount of excitement our funding would generate in the press. Don’t get us wrong: we know we have a cool product that many people are interested in. But frankly, we were shocked – and pleased – to get such an overwhelmingly positive response from all the different corners of the tech, finance and business news spheres.

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