Kickstarter closes and the fun has just begun . . .

After an exciting 30 days on the crowd funding site Kickstarter, we are pleased to announce that our campaign has come to a close and we are now ready to take on the next step of the dimzo adventure!

It all began on the 4th February when we proudly launched dizmo on Kickstarter and it has been a great adventure filled with fun and anticipation to bring the dizmo mission to reality. Having raised our original goal of $25,000, we ultimately smashed our stretch goal within 3 days receiving a total of $43,826.

First of all a very big thank you to you all! It has been our enthusiastic backers and loyal community that have kept us going throughout the process.


We have been lucky enough to be ranked as one of the most popular technology projects during the entire campaign and would like to thank all of our supporters and fans for their encouragement and involvement over the past month.


dizmo is designed to allow you to interact with ‘dizmos’ which can all coexist, manipulated as though they were physical objects, from images and videos to live feeds, controls and websites. We have picked up the concept of Hollywood movies like Iron Man and Minority Report and made it in a reality. Your ideas, questions, appreciation and support inspire us to push such vision even further.


March the 6th wasn’t only the end of the campaign. On the very same day dizmo turned 1. Yes indeed, dizmo was funded on March 6th 2013 and is now exactly one year old! Thanks to all the KS backers for making it a very special and truly unforgettable day! :-)


We are thrilled that we have made this part of the journey and are even more determined and enthused to take on the next phase, which will see our backers receive the first edition of the production release of the software in June of this year. Thank you again for your amazing support.

Please do keep in touch with us through our FacebookTwitter and Google+, we are always happy to talk and answer any questions you have.

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