Internet of Drinks

One week ago we had the great pleasure to participate in HackZurich, the largest hackathon in Europe and located in Zürich. For those of you who had the chance of being among the 500 developers participating in the challenge, you might have stumbled upon a fancy IoT drink mixing machine at our stand which was controlled by a cocktail dizmo.

Originally the idea of this machine was part of a Kickstarter campaign which was then picked up by Micha Surber, who developed it further and published his insights on his blog and made the code open source on Github.

He then kindly helped us building our own IoT cocktail-machine for the hackathon. It became a major attraction during the three days in Zürich.

Drinking Machine at HackZürich

The Code for the Internet of Drinks Server (Arduino based) as well as the Dizmo controlling it are available on Github as well.

Besides getting involved in inspiring talks with developers about our IoT-machine, we experienced some properties that are still capable of development, as the machine currently only mixes drinks.

Speaking from experience, it would be a great advantage if a sensor could be added to check if a cup is placed underneath. Or: functionality that calculates and predicts when a beverage bottle becomes empty.

If you have any ideas of how to enhance or tweak the drinking machine, feel free to use the source code and let us know about your progress via @dizmos on Twitter, using the hashtag #dizmonks. We look forward to hearing from you!

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