How personalized advice is making an impact: Learnings from the second fastest growing sector in the world

Digitally enhanced personalization is on-trend. For some, it is a nice-to-have. However, for most, it is absolutely necessary. Retailers and the service industry are dependent on omnichannel integration and micro-segmentation to keep up with the competition.
The tourism industry is the second fastest growing sector in the world, and digitalization has established itself as a central topic in the industry. Electronic data builds the basis for the personalization of tourism services and the optimization of the customer experience. Still, integration platforms often overlook the sector.

Enhancing client advice practices

One promising area of application is the use of integrative and interactive digital elements to support customer advice. SwissMartech recently mentioned Dizmo in this regard and Lukas Leuenberger, a recent graduate, worked with dizmo to identify specific use cases in the tourism industry.

As part of the public sector SECO’s “Tourist Office 3.0” project, tourism experts discussed digital elements that can support guest advice in the tourist offices. Examples of such elements may be a digital map or digital guest information. And so, visitor advice in tourist offices was identified as a central point of interest for digitalization in tourism. Lukas’s master thesis closely ties in with the “Tourist Office 3.0” project.

A dizmo application bundle for the front desk

The project headed by Lukas aimed to develop a prototype for digitally supported guest advice utilizing principles of digitalization in tourism, hybrid customer interaction, usability, user experience, and interface design. Functional requirements were defined together with tourism experts and tourist office employees.

The prototype contains two main dizmo digital objects: a catalog dizmo and a watch list dizmo.

The catalog dizmo digital object allows client advisors to display the range of services offered by a destination digitally on a screen, along with relevant information such as events and routes. Also, it is possible to directly open additional dizmos to visit the website of the provider, play videos, or check the location on a map in parallel with exploring services.

The second dizmo is an enhanced watch list. A user can directly save all relevant points of interest, events, and routes. The most critical dimensions of the items, “location” and “time,” are shown on a map respectively on a timeline. Thus, the prototype provides an overview of locations as well as opening hours.

To finalize the guest advisory process, an advisor can immediately share the stored contents of the watchlist with a visitor via a QR-Code or mail.


Why was dizmo chosen for this project?

Dizmo is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and an application development environment that empowers citizen users with fast integration and interactive use of data, services, and processes. This is what enables the tourist offices to integrate data from different sources, display information based on the needs of the guest. Because dizmo has also a strong focus on agility, ease of use and efficiency of user side interactions, the interaction with guests is possible in a simple and efficient way.

Author: Lukas Leuenberger

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