Develop dizmos – part 1: the beginning

This is the starting post of the series of how to become a dizmo developer. As the title says, I have started recently to develop dizmos. I am the head of delivery and a Ruby programmer.

Essentially, a dizmo is a HTML page with all its assets concatenated, that is the HTML page is packaged along with other resources like images, JavaScript libraries and style sheets. So, getting into dizmo tech was quick. The intricacies lie in making the dizmos talk and be in sync with each other.

Learning to develop a dizmo is only one element in the bigger picture. As a newbie, I want to develop my dizmo-building-skills and I also want our community, you, to learn and grow and build awesome things. For this, the whole dizmo team and I are seeking global understanding of the problems our community needs to solve. So, please drop us a line in our forum or tweet your questions using #dizmonks to join in the conversation.

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