SRF uses dizmo to visualize poll results on their “Programm-Show Talente 2015”

SRF, the Swiss broadcasting company and Publisuisse have hosted Programm-Show Talente 2015, in which dizmo was used to visualize vote results. Dizmo at Programm-Show Talente 2015. On stage, two big screens on either side and one transparent screen in the middle were setup on which dizmo was running. The transparent screen in the middle was […]

The answer to our #competition “how did we do it” edition #2

Can you answer our riddle of our contest #HowDidWeDoIT edition#2? A tablet is placed on the lefthand side of a laptop. Both are connected through dizmoLive and sharing in real time a Pad. The Pad on the laptop is located on the left with a transparent frame, so that the Pad appears invisible. On the […]

“How Did We Do It” Edition Two Competition is now live!

So after we revealed ‘How we did it’ in our Edition one competition, we are pleased to announce that we have launched Edition two! If you head over to our Facebook page and watch the latest video, you can enter our competition and be in with a chance to win an Electronic Imp Wi-Fi controller […]

How to write a moon phase display dizmo with Ajax and webservices

This tutorial is another variation of how a dizmo can connect to third party systems. This time, we will use jQuery’s Ajax library for web service calls. As the name of our moonphasedisplay dizmo suggests, it will display moon and sun information at the current location. This requires two public web services: to get […]