Spaceglasses – a whole new playground for dizmo

Many of you like us will have seen Spaceglasses from Meta. The guys there have run a successful Kickstarter campaign raising just shy of $200,000 to fund ‘The Most Advanced Augmented Reality Glasses.’

If you love the possibility of technology as we do, take a look at video below. Increasingly, touch interfaces and virtual environments are becoming a reality, being made possible not just by leaps in technology, but by the vision and imagination of technology creators from around the globe.

Ideas like this, and Google Glass, have some fascinating implications. Of course, it is difficult to say when we will truly have a Tony Stark or Minority Report interface, but it is an exciting prospect that could radically change how we might engage with the world around us.

So why is dizmo interested in projects like these? Let’s be honest, they are pretty cool!

We are focused on the software environment and aim to be independent of hardware, providing software with which users access their digital world.

The actual hardware to make this digital world appear in front of the user doesn’t matter – whether it’s a tablet, a laptop, a mirror with a built-in screen, a large touch screen, a touch table, a virtual surface, transparent screens, the surface of your bathtub or a pool, or glasses virtually projecting the surface into the air!

One of the challenges this burgeoning ecosystem will bring is the age old problem of fragmentation. This has to be balanced against the ‘One Ring to Rule them All’ approach that can stifle innovation.

So our approach is whatever hardware you might using to engage with content and apps, we want to provide the same intuitively simple, consistent and versatile interaction surface to give you access to your digital world.

The dizmo environment will let hardware and software developers and creators come together to let this next phase of human-machine interactions take off. After all, I’d rather not wait for tomorrow what we could have today.

Now that’s exciting!

One thought on “Spaceglasses – a whole new playground for dizmo”

  1. I often went with my students to the iHome Lab in Luzern ( ) and those genius’ there (von Arx and Andrushevich) who are working on those so cool automated features to reinvent living spaces always explained us the importance of having a real innovative and making sense UI .. i guess as well iphone told us here a good story to support this. What more is the iphone than a great new way of interacting with technology – call it shyTech

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