Meet us in Dublin – Web Summit 2013


«The giants of the web assemble in Dublin» Wall Street Journal

We are very happy to announce that dizmo has been selected for the Web Summit 2013 Alpha program. There were about 4000 start-up companies from all over the world that applied for the Web Summit Alpha program which gives a bunch of the world’s leading and most innovative starts-ups the chance to exhibit at the two day event. The list of Alpha companies selected in earlier years is impressive an includes names like tumblr, Dropbox, Vine, Twitter, Pinterest, Stripe, Waze, Uber and a lot more.

Web Summit 2013 is a global gathering of the world’s leading thinkers and doers in technology. It’s not just a gathering of the planet’s leading startups and technology companies, but of businesses, large and small, who are being impacted by new technologies. This year over 7,000 attendees will make the trip from all corners of the globe to hear from over 300 speakers across dozens of stages, workshops and roundtables catered to every sector.

The event taking place on Oct 30 & 31 is packed full of workshops, roundtables, panels and keynotes from some of the best minds in the industry, including speakers from Cisco, Tony Hawk Foundation, WordPress, Google Ventures, AOL and Unilever. AT the same time some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies will be exhibiting at the Summit, demonstrating their latest technologies, products and services. The Web Summit is not just an opportunity for you to learn from the best, but to meet with them and the many thousands of attendees from around the world.

So if you have a chance to be in Dublin at the End of October, make sure to come along and we will be more than happy to show you the latest and the greatest features of dizmo in a live demo.

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