Dizmo at CES2016 and Swissbau

We had the great honour to be part of the digitalSTROM booth at this year’s CES and a few days later at Swissbau – one of Europe’s biggest construction trade fairs.

The goal of both events was to present the latest technologies from digitalSTROM for the Smart Home and Smart Kitchen in particular, dizmo-enabled. As DigitalSTROM reported “With digitalSTROM, the focus is on the human being instead of the technology in the smart home”. Visitors of the booth got inspired by a simple cooking video from Youtube, which was docked to a recipe dizmo that gave them the recipe of the cooking video and eventually instructions on how to cook. Next, the visitors could dock the digitalSTROM-application to the video which then turned on the smart oven. Smart because by then, the oven knew exactly which person wanted to have what and how. Looking at it, this seems exactly in line with what the MIT Media founder Nicholas Negroponte predicted in one of his famous TED talks:

I look today at some of the things being done about the Internet of Things and I think it’s kind of tragically pathetic, because what has happened is, people take the oven panel and put it on your cell phone or the door key onto your cell phone, just taking it and bringing it to you and in fact that’s actually what you don’t want. You want to put a chicken in the oven and the oven says, ‘Aha, it’s a chicken’, and it cooks the chicken. ‘Oh, it’s cooking the chicken for Nicholas, and he likes it this way and that way.’

But of course, this is only the beginning; so stay tuned for more updates on the fascinating future of smart living!

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