dizmo on a 70″ SHARP Touch Screen

We just got our 70″ SHARP PN-L702B LCD multi touch screen for demo purposes from Telion today. And it took us just a few minutes to get dizmo up and running on it. It based on invisible infrared sensors integrated with the screen and works with your fingers or with a pen that comes along if you want to sketch or write on the screen. The touch recognition resolution is good and really gives you this «pseudo-physical» feeling dizmo provides.

Tabula Digitalis up and running

After the first setup we had dome for the LIFT-13 conference in February, we have done some construction work at the office over the weekend and so we now have a large surface interactive table available to try and demo dizmo on a large scale. There is still potential for optimization (hide the cabling, more […]

dizmo shows Sneak Preview at the Lift-13 Conference

We had a workshop session at the Lift Conference ( The title was “How to become a dizmoi”, presenting our motivation and also demonstrating dizmo on a large table. There were more than 30 curious participants from various backgrounds: teacher, lawyer, graduate school student, computer people, designer, and marketer. We had lots of trouble with […]