Known Issues and Workarounds

Affected features and/or dizmo Title Description Workaround
Clock dizmo Audio The audio alarm does not work. Additionally, on Linux, an erronous dialog about a multimedia plugin installation is triggered when starting the Clock. Unfortunately there is no workaround available yet. This issue should be resolved in the next version.
dizmoViewer Moving dizmos Sometimes if you open a Pad, place one dizmo near another dizmo, then flick the first dizmo towards the Pad and while it’s still moving, move the second dizmo, then the first dizmo moves under the Pad, not on top of it. Unfortunately there is no workaround available yet. This issue should be resolved in the next version.
dizmoViewer Functionality On some systems, dizmoViewer starts but only displays a grey/white window, with no buttons. Contact us if this happens to you or edit GlobalSettings.xml and change true to false in the following line to disable OpenGL: true
PDF Viewer dizmo Windows 32bit The PDF Viewer dizmo does not work on Windows 32bit. Unfortunately there is no workaround available yet. This issue should be resolved in the next version.
Slides Image quality The rendering quality of images is suboptimal depending on the size of the source image and the zoom level. For optimal results, after adding the image to a Slides dizmo (or dragging into dizmoViewer), select “Reset image size” from the Slides dizmo menu and then resize/rezoom the image to the desired size.
Video player dizmo Progress bar during video playback While a video plays, it is not possible to grab and move the progress bar, to move forward or backward in the video. Click directly on the position of the bar you want the video player to move to. This bug should be fixed in the next version.
Video Player dizmo Windows 32bit, Linux 32bit The Video Player dizmo does not work on Windows 32bit and Linux 32 bit. This issue should be resolved in the next version. Unfortunately there is no workaround available yet. This issue should be resolved in the next version.
Video Player dizmo Rendering Some videos can not be played if the video is not rendered to 720p. Make sure that your video is rendered to 720p. On our side we try to make sure this bug is fixed as soon as possible.
YouTubeStats dizmo Docking YouTube videos Cannot dock all videos at once, moving the YoutubeStats dizmo to touch several YouTube video player dizmos. Dock YouTube video dizmos one by one.


Relevant features and/or dizmo Recommendations Reasons for this Recommendations
All dizmos Give each dizmo a unique “name” in the title section of its frame. Please note that the pad dizmo which contains the setup takes directly the name from the setup after you perform the first saving operation. It will help locating them when setting scenes in the Navigator dizmo.
All dizmos Please note that although all dizmo are always “on” (meaning active), you can act on them only when a certain zoom-in level is reached. This is detectable by looking at the upper right “wheel” of the frame of each dizmo. The wheel gives access to the dizmo menu. When the wheel is visible, the dizmo is “controllable”. Learn how to access and control dizmos.
Pad dizmo If you close the Pad dizmo containing a dizmo on the Target Machine (and thus closing the connection), the dizmo is removed on the Source Machine. Close the connection via the Pad menu.
PDF Viewer dizmo If your PDF consists of an image, it won’t be possible to extract the text for Wordle. Make sure your PDF is created by a text editor.
Tiny browser dizmo Limit the number of active websites accessed with the Tiny browser dizmo in your “setup”. If you are not planning to actively use them, replace them with an image of their homepage, for example. Active websites impact the overall performance. Limiting their number to the minimal possible allows to fill in the workspace with other meaningful interactive content, if appropriate.
Slides dizmo Limit the number of slides contained by a single dizmo. Limit the number of overall images and slides dizmo of your setup. Limit the resolution and hence size of images you include in your setup to the one required by the purpose of your setup and usage of such images. dizmoViewer gives the theoretical possibility to add a virtually infinite number/size of multimedia content. Such content is typically heavy in terms of memory footprint and hence has an impact in terms of performance. Limiting its number and size has a positive impact and allows using the digital real estate offered by dizmo for other relevant content and functions.
Setups Start simple and then add dizmos and content over time. Do not throw into the workspace all possible material you have or that you can think of from the start. dizmoViewer gives the possibility to mix and match data of different types and from different sources. It is virtually infinite and zoomable, which gives the possibility to integrate a very large set and amount of data and content. The combination of those two facts might drive users to overload the setup, with a negative impact on the overall performance and usability of the setup, given and depending upon the characteristics on the underlaying hardware.
Setups If you’re preparing an event you might create and test your setup on a different device than the one you’re using for the event itself. Since the effects feel different on a laptop (where you’re most of the time clicking and moving around dizmos with a mouse) compared to a touchscreen (we’re you’re normally use your fingers to move things around) we advise you to calculate in enough time to also experience your setup before the event itself.
Setups Avoid creating setups of setups, or “hierarchical” setups and save them as such. Setups are to be considered as independent entities, like “files” in a directory. They can be active at the same time, concurrently, in the workspace, hence there is no reason to include them within one another. If the content of the “included” setup needs to be always there, you should consider including it simply as content and not as a “setup”. Saving a setup of setups, or “master” setup saves the full content but independent modifications of the included setups will not be automatically reflected into the master set up, which can lead to incorrect content.