Dizmo Attributes


Fast and easy integration of any otherwise silo’ed system including any microservice, physical device, gateway, protocol, and legacy software.


Easy orchestration of user driven apps and silo’ed devices, on a zoomable workspace. It intuitively maps consumer-grade commands onto your ambient-computing system.


Conveniently manages the system default behaviour, through a set of events. Other user-definable provisions to support variations, exceptions and customization.


Easy scalability and endless expandability. Uses open web technologies in association with dizmo’s patented UI techniques.


Self-adapts to all system parameters. All types and sizes of digital surfaces, computing capabilities and input, from mouse to touch or voice, bestowing maximum user gratification.


Inherent collaboration capabilities. It matches the needs of the new digital ”event-driven” world and design thinking capability.


DizmoGen sets a standard framework and automates the “surfacing” of otherwise disparate microservices, legacy and device digital twins.

Application Development Kit

The Application Development Kit enables application logic, sequencing and bundling between otherwise differently silo’ed applications.


Any surfaced dizmo resides on the dizmoViewer and through dizmoDocking one or more dizmos can connect to form integration and workflows which are able to be changed on the fly.

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