Dizmo Brand Guidelines

We encourage you to use the dizmo™ brand with your dizmo promotional materials. You can use the logo from our press kit provided that you follow these guidelines.

The following are guidelines for the dizmo brand and related assets.

dizmo in text

  • dizmo™ should have a trademark symbol the first time it appears in a creative.
  • dizmo should always be in lowercase letters and is never plural or possessive.
  • “dizmo” cannot be used in names of Applications or accessory products, including displays, tablets, TVs, and other devices. Instead use “for dizmo”.
    • Incorrect: “dizmo BotController”
    • Correct: “BotController for dizmo”

    If used with your logo, “for dizmo” should be no larger than 90% of your logo’s size. First instance of this use should be followed by a TM symbol, “for dizmo™”.

  • dizmo may be used as a descriptor, as long as it is followed by a proper generic term.
    • Incorrect: “dizmo BotController” or “dizmo XYZ application”
    • Correct: “dizmo features” or “dizmo applications”

Any use of the dizmo name needs to include this attribution in your communication:

dizmo is a trademark of dizmo AG

dizmo logo

The dizmo logo can be used and reproduced freely as is in your marketing communications. You may not modify the trademarked logo or make derivatives thereof within your company logo or business name. You can download the logo from our press kit.