How to write a to-do dizmo

To kick off this multi-part series, we will build a basic to-do dizmo, using the dizmoElements library and later Backbone.js. Getting started Start by creating a new dizmo project with $ grace new Name your project ‘Todo’, choose ‘dizmo’ as your default plugin and ‘joose’ as your skeleton. Change into the folder of your Todo […]

Dynamic Storytelling

Alain Leclerc von Bonin, our Head of Design, was invited to speak about Dynamic Storytelling at the last Internet Briefing in Zurich. In light of this event, we snapped up opportunity to chat with him afterwards. In a nutshell: What was the content of your talk? My talk was about how to improve the relevance of […]

How to recreate the classic video game ‘Snake’ using dizmo

Snake consists of the following three components: the field, the snake and the direction. The field The field is a two dimensional array (18×18). A ‘1’ indicates a wall and ‘0’ indicates empty space. The actual field is only 16×16. You can extend the array, so that you can add obstacles. field = [ [1, […]