dizmo in the bathtub

One of our community members has pointed us to the video below that shows a similar setup as it has been shown by Ubi recently. However this one works on and with a rather unusual surface. And it shows some of the potential that may come from using other things than hard surfaces. I can’t wait to try this out.

The 1000 names of …

One of the biggest challenges for a start-up company very often is to find a good name. As the first versions of our product were dedicated mainly to home control applications, we used «Kastellan» (which was the term used for the «keeper of the castle» in the middle-ages) as the name of the project and also considered it to be the name of the product. But the more we realized the power of the concepts we had gathered in our product and the quickly broadening range of applications the software was able to support, we had to look for a new name that would better reflect the power and the versatility of the product.