Welcome to the next generation of user interfaces

Spring 2014

Imagine a world where the touchscreens of the future are a reality and you can share content and use applications seamlessly across multiple touchscreen environments. This is the world where the interfaces and experience mimic those we have come to love in films and TV, from CSI to Iron Man and even as far back as 2001: A Space Odyssey.

At dizmo we don’t want to wait for this future, instead we are making it possible today.

We are creating a revolutionary next generation user interface for this multi-touch smart environment. Content and applications can be plugged together to create new and surprising uses.

  • ‘Consumers’ will be able to use any touch-screen and share content across them, even affecting the real world through applications
  • Developers will have the tools to easily enable them to create and connect applications and services

dizmo was founded by a renowned visual communicator; designed by a digital pioneer, and developed by a seasoned delivery team. dizmo will soon be releasing the platform and tools for you to unleash your ideas.

If you want to see how this multi-touch future could be, please have a look at our video page.


dizmo [diz-moh] noun, plural diz·mos

  1. a next generation user interface and application environment for multi-touch surfaces and virtual environment
  2. an individual application running in the dizmo environments


2013: a contraction of digital and gizmo (see digital, gizmo)


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