Ubi Pen seams to dramatically increase precision

During our first tests with the Ubi / Kinect solution and dizmo-space we faced some precision issues. To work well in finger mode (not just pointing at UI elements with your hand but with one finger) the Kinect sensor must be very close from the projection surface (ca 115 cm) which means it only works with small surfaces (115 cm diagonal size).

When Ubi runs in the Pen Mode, users can interact with projections of up to 250 cm diagonal size using a pen.  Ubi Pen, just like a stylus on a tablet, makes writing, annotating and other content creation activities much more precise, ergonomic and responsive. It also lets you interact with any desktop application very precisely irrespective of the size of the UI elements. (From the Ubi-Interactive Website where more information can be found).

Anup Chathoth, Ubi Interactive Co-Founder and CEO, just promised to send dizmo inc. a few Ubi Pens for further tests. We hope for good results and keep you updated.


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