Why dizmo?

Lots of smart people are using unimaginable amounts of data. Data is moving rapidly into real-time decision making and even the most savvy companies sometimes get it wrong.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 51% of senior corporate executives say lack of access to data prevents their employees from making data-driven decisions*
  • 57% of executives make budget decisions without key information (such as an ROI analysis)*
  • An enterprise with 1’000 knowledge workers wastes $48’000 per week on retrieving information, $2.5M/year*

Today we are in the early stages of a whole new platform, with mobile devices and apps extending the edge, cloud taking the place of client/server at the core, Big Data enabling analytics that create deeper insights much faster, and social technologies bringing human brains into digital, automated processes.

But there is gap between between back-end infrastructures’ capabilities and user-facing front end systems. And this is exactly the problem that dizmo solves.

What can I do with it?

Our customers use dizmo for various use cases and industry segments, view some of them in the section dizmo customers.

*Sources: “Most Marketers Aren’t Making Data Driven Decisions & 9 Other Internet News Items” www.incomediary.com; “The Importance of Being Able To Find Information” https://www.armedia.com/

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