The Application for Applications

Dizmo is an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Use it for fast integration of your applications. Complex data management tasks become simple.

Visual Orchetration

The Problem We Solve

The key to delivering good services today is to have the ability to combine data and application over the entire organisation.

Connecting the different data across our company requires more IT resources than usually available. Due to the current IT architecture, data is siloed and stored in on-premise, cloud and IoT solutions. Dizmo provides a solution to connect all your data and applications in a single workspace. So you can work with any application in the Dizmo workspace and the applications exchange data seamlessly. Dizmo is an application for applications.

Single workspace

In the dizmo zoomable workspace, you can see several applications at once. No more cumbersome switching between tabs. You can have all the related information in one place and therefore make accurate decisions.


Dynamic Data Exchange

When you put applications side by side they exchange data. There is no need for coding skills. Any data, service or application becomes a module that can be freely combined. This gives an organization great operational speed. Combining or connecting data does no longer require the IT department.


Intuitive Commands

Dizmo simplifies the control of complex systems. When a command is put on top of a map, it can detect where it was placed. A specific command can be used to control just one room or an entire building. This gives IoT a new spin and makes it more efficient.

Our Customers

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