Press coverage

Below you can find a few selected articles about dizmo. For the entire press coverage please refer to the Press Archive.

The Street

The Street, Feb 2017

“ViewSonic’s Interactive Flat Panel displays to feature dizmo’s collaborative digital workspace software.”

Internet of Business

Internet of Business, Mar 2016

“Luigi Mantellassi emphasises the importance of having a clear picture of all the data collected from IoT products in commercial buildings.”


Hackaday, Nov 2015

“A group of hackers created a system designed to optimize crop yield by better tracking weather and soil conditions..”

Direct Industry

Direct Industry, Sept 2015

“More and more devices are connected to the internet.”

Web Designer Magazine

Web Designer Magazine, PDF June 2015

“Dizmo fully embraces the Web of Things, its concept and programming technologies.”

Linux User

Linux User, May 2015

“Turn your Raspberry Pi into an Internet of Things with this CPU temperature gauge tutorial…”


Techradar, Feb 2015

“For the team at, Microsoft’s recent Windows 10 announcement has been of particular interest to…”

The Next Web

The Next Web, Oct 2014

“Dizmo, a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign that aims to turn any digital surface into an interactive work space…”

PC Authority

PC Authority Australia, Oct 2014

“The dream of Minority Report-style digital interaction is now one step closer thanks to the launch of dizmo…”


ITProPortal, June 2014

“You may remember Dizmo, which we’ve written about before – the company is responsible for UI software that…”


t3, Feb 2014

“A device that promises a Minority Report-style computing experience has been unveiled by Swiss company dizmo…”

The Inquirer

The Inquirer, Feb 2014

“A user interface (UI) that allows users to interact with digital surfaces in the style of the film Minority Report has hit…”

Mashable, Feb 2014

“We’re creeping closer to the future. A new piece of software turned to any smartscreen and to even more next generation interface. Dizmo is …”

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