IFTTT gets cooler every day

i get about 20% of my web info via IF This Than That (IFTTT.com) receipts these days. most of the stuff ends up in my jammed email box. some of the info would be much more appropriate and cool if it would appear on the dizmo touch screen on my fridge.

as soon as we can we should create an IFTTT dizmo. maybe as a special offer/reward.

the booming service lets you easily select (or even create) so called “receipts” that do stuff for you. that’s exactly what I want for a dizmo screen on my fridge. so each day i can see the best offer for cat food (no of course i don’t have a cat) and flights to Berlin so i can buy when it is best for me… or a less commercial example: so i can automatically display images of my family when something is uploaded to facebook …

currently more than 4000 IFTTT scripts can work for you and each day there are more of them.

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