dizmo on a 70″ SHARP Touch Screen

We just got our 70″ SHARP PN-L702B LCD multi touch screen for demo purposes from Telion today. And it took us just a few minutes to get dizmo up and running on it. It based on invisible infrared sensors integrated with the screen and works with your fingers or with a pen that comes along if you want to sketch or write on the screen. The touch recognition resolution is good and really gives you this «pseudo-physical» feeling dizmo provides.

The display came along with a L7001BOXPCFUJI Fujitsu PC, which is based on an ARM single core 1.6 GHz CPU so it was interesting to see how well the dizmo software would perform on a hardware that we consider to belong to the «embedded» space. And I’m happy to report, that once dizmo has started up it is performing quite well in the current version already.

And by the way, this touch screen is available at just around CHF 9000. We think this is a great value at this price point.


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