Dizmo Kickstarter Introduction – Video

dizmo is a new versatile UI giving you access to an unlimited set of «digital gizmos» on any smart display or touch surface. Today we launched our Kickstarter campaign!

A considerable amount of gizmos that we used to hold in our hands have turned digital over the past few years; think of photos, maps, phone-books, agendas, encyclopedias, alarm clocks, catalogues, CDs, books and magazines. Together with other forms of digital content, video games and social networks, they are now part of an increasing number of web services and apps. It is our digital life.

Today’s user-interfaces feel inadequate to provide a natural (easy, direct, intuitive) access to all our digital gizmos, or «dizmos» as we call them, whereas hardware performance and availability continue to rapidly grow. It is a software problem that dizmo aims at resolving.

Why back us?

We want to put dizmo in your hands before anyone else gets it, and want your input and feedback to create an amazing new platform. We are aiming at releasing the dizmo platform (dizmo space and the first premium suite of dizmos, the collaboration suite) for sale towards the end of Q2 2014, allowing creative teams to collaborate in previously unimaginable ways.

What we want to offer you with our Kickstarter campaign is early access to the beta version as well as access to the SDK, if you are attracted by developing dizmos («dizmo space» applications). We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how dizmo can be used.

We will realize the true creativity leap together.

Currently, we have dizmo running on the devices that run one of the OSs mentioned above. Should we exceed our main goal, there will be a stretch goal that will bring dizmo to additional platforms like Android and iOS. This version will be web browser based; with the additional funding, we will bring in the developers necessary to make this happen.

Check out our video below and support us with whatever you can on the Kickstarter website.

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