The Interface to the Smart Home is not your phone

We recently caught sight of a blog post citing the limitations of using remote control via your mobile phone as the main interface to your smart home. It would seem the thinking of the author Steffen Sorrell from Juniper Research very well matches with ours: Agnostic to all input methods “The interface to the smart […]

From Smart Home to Smart Living

The IoT market is being driven by the desire to make every day’s life simpler and more efficient. This can be very nicely demonstrated by Smart Home applications and more specifically by what is being developed for one of the most important and dynamic rooms of the home: the kitchen. The latter is more and […]

Innovation in Healthcare Real Estate: Ambient Assisted Living

As part of the Immohealthare conference, our CEO Matthias Aebi talked about ambient assisted living and “The Interface of Things – A comprehensive approach for personalized assistance systems.” After the presentation we asked him several questions about the event and his talk. What is the main purpose of the Immohealthcare conference and what role did you play? […]