Spaceglasses – a whole new playground for dizmo

Many of you like us will have seen Spaceglasses from Meta. The guys there have run a successful Kickstarter campaign raising just shy of $200,000 to fund ‘The Most Advanced Augmented Reality Glasses.’ If you love the possibility of technology as we do, take a look at video below. Increasingly, touch interfaces and virtual environments are becoming a reality, being made possible not just by leaps in technology, but by the vision and imagination of technology creators from around the globe.

dizmo in the bathtub

One of our community members has pointed us to the video below that shows a similar setup as it has been shown by Ubi recently. However this one works on and with a rather unusual surface. And it shows some of the potential that may come from using other things than hard surfaces. I can’t wait to try this out.

Touch Surface made from Scratch

Some time ago we have agreed on a bachelor project with the Technical University of Winterthur (ZHAW) to work on a «Virtual Touch Screen» which is based on the concept of having two cameras taking images from the side of the surface to make it touch sensitive. By interpreting the positions of the finger within the two images and using triangulation, it is possible to figure out the x/y position of the finger on the surface.

dizmo on a 70″ SHARP Touch Screen

We just got our 70″ SHARP PN-L702B LCD multi touch screen for demo purposes from Telion today. And it took us just a few minutes to get dizmo up and running on it. It based on invisible infrared sensors integrated with the screen and works with your fingers or with a pen that comes along if you want to sketch or write on the screen. The touch recognition resolution is good and really gives you this «pseudo-physical» feeling dizmo provides.

Tabula Digitalis up and running

After the first setup we had dome for the LIFT-13 conference in February, we have done some construction work at the office over the weekend and so we now have a large surface interactive table available to try and demo dizmo on a large scale. There is still potential for optimization (hide the cabling, more […]