Use dizmo in your kitchen

You can use dizmo in the kitchen without fearing that water or dust (or maybe in this case flour) will wet or dirty the display on which it is running. Not only are the flush-mountable 40-finger touch monitors of Novis very slim with absolutely flat fronts and backs, but they are also protected against dust, […]

Ubi Pen seams to dramatically increase precision

When Ubi runs in the Pen Mode, users can interact with projections of up to 250 cm diagonal size using a pen. Ubi Pen, just like a stylus on a tablet, makes writing, annotating and other content creation activities much more precise, ergonomic and responsive. It also lets you interact with any desktop application very precisely irrespective of the size of the UI elements.

Transparent Touch Screen

You might have seen the (semi-)transparent touch screens in science-fiction movies like Elysium, Iron-Man 2 or Avatar. Well, today we were able to see, touch and tape one of these screens live at the Telion showroom.

Tabula Digitalis up and running

After the first setup we had dome for the LIFT-13 conference in February, we have done some construction work at the office over the weekend and so we now have a large surface interactive table available to try and demo dizmo on a large scale. There is still potential for optimization (hide the cabling, more […]