Anton Benkestok presents the Interactive Educational Table

We’d like you to meet Anton Benkestok, an educated teacher and master’s student of ICT Educational Design at Aarhus University, Denmark. He also leads  an effort to create a dizmo inspired interactive table. A great project on the side of his studies, Anton has achieved an impressive track record on marketing the digital surface already…

Want to talk about the future of tech? Let’s Google Hangout.

Are you a dizmo Maker who wants to learn more about us and what we’re up to? Do you love talking tech? Are you fascinated by the newest developments in computing and in the space where interaction between humans and machines occurs? Do you want to find out more about dizmo and our developments? Then you’ll want to participate in our CEO/CTO Google Hangout.

Kickstarter closes and the fun has just begun . . .

After an exciting 30 days on the crowd funding site Kickstarter, we are pleased to announce that our campaign has come to a close and we are now ready to take on the next step of the dimzo adventure! It all began on the 4th February when we proudly launched dizmo on Kickstarter and it […]

We have reached our $25,000 Kickstarter goal

dizmo will now go into development of the product version of the software, which will be available from June this year.

We are thrilled to announce that as off today we have smashed our $25 000 funding goal on Kickstarter and we still have more than 2 weeks to go! We are absolutely astounded by the positive response we’ve had so far, and that we hit our goal so quickly. Moreover Kicksarter’s statistics tell us that today we are the most popular project on earth among the 722 projects in our category.

Ubi Pen seams to dramatically increase precision

When Ubi runs in the Pen Mode, users can interact with projections of up to 250 cm diagonal size using a pen. Ubi Pen, just like a stylus on a tablet, makes writing, annotating and other content creation activities much more precise, ergonomic and responsive. It also lets you interact with any desktop application very precisely irrespective of the size of the UI elements.

The Future of UIs?

“The public discourse about new UIs (user interfaces) at the moment is at the level of celebrity gossip” according to John Underkoffler (the man behind the UI of minority report) in a BBC article.

A Day made of Glass and dizmo’s story

Despite many people suspecting we have been influenced by «A Day made of Glass», this was never the case, because at the time we got aware of it, we had a working version of the software already for more than a year. But of course we were very happy to get this kind of confirmation on what we had been working on for quite a long time!