Connecting a self-made prayer wheel to dizmo

This project was triggered by Xaver Inglin, one of our Kickstarter Backers, who has built a ‘Prayer Wheel’ and equipped it with the WunderBar-Kit created by relayr. The main objective was to then monitor the movement of the real prayer wheel and to visualize the movements by spinning a virtual prayer wheel in dizmoSpace accordingly. […]

How to write a to-do dizmo with backbone.js

In the first part of our tutorial series we built a basic to-do dizmo, using the dizmoElements library. Now, as promised, we will build a to-do dizmo using the Backbone.js library. Backbone.js is useful for keeping the JavaScript Code of your dizmos well organized, so it’s easier to further develop and maintain. You can work […]

Evernote, the Future of Computers and Dizmo

A few weeks ago the Swiss Newspaper Tagesanzeiger published a fascinating interview with Evernote CEO Phil Libin in which he talked about the future of the computer and how we will deal with it. Since a lot of aspects are directly related to what we do at dizmo, the article lead to an exciting discussion […]

Beat the heat with dizmo

The last few days have been very hot, and it’s almost impossible to have your room cool enough to sleep or work! Here at dizmo, we have an interesting solution for that…     Parts needed: Arduino Ethernet or Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield DHT11 or DHT22 Temperature/Humidity Sensor DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Breadboard 2 10k […]

Arduino gesture sensor tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll hook up a gesture sensor to a dizmo. We’re going to use an Arduino and WebSockets. Parts needed Sparkfun APDS-9660 Gesture Sensor Arduino Ethernet Level converter Breadboard Jumper cables Serial to USB Adaptor: Electrical hookup Our sensor, the Avago APDS-9960, offers ambient light and color (as clear, red, green, and […]