Meet us in Dublin – Web Summit 2013

We are very happy to announce that dizmo has been selected for the Web Summit 2013 Alpha program. There were about 4000 start-up companies from all over the world that applied for the Web Summit Alpha program which gives a bunch of the world’s leading and most innovative starts-ups the chance to exhibit at the two day event. The list of Alpha companies selected in earlier years is impressive an includes names like tumblr, Dropbox, Vine, Twitter, Pinterest, Stripe, Waze, Uber and a lot more.

Natan Linder of formlabs

Today Joi Ito introduced me to Natan Linder, a phd student at the MIT media lab. Natan is a co-founder of formlabs, a startup that recently did one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns. and now produces the first affordable ($3300) high quality 3D printer.

The Future of UIs?

“The public discourse about new UIs (user interfaces) at the moment is at the level of celebrity gossip” according to John Underkoffler (the man behind the UI of minority report) in a BBC article.

A Day made of Glass and dizmo’s story

Despite many people suspecting we have been influenced by «A Day made of Glass», this was never the case, because at the time we got aware of it, we had a working version of the software already for more than a year. But of course we were very happy to get this kind of confirmation on what we had been working on for quite a long time!

Touch Surface made from Scratch

Some time ago we have agreed on a bachelor project with the Technical University of Winterthur (ZHAW) to work on a «Virtual Touch Screen» which is based on the concept of having two cameras taking images from the side of the surface to make it touch sensitive. By interpreting the positions of the finger within the two images and using triangulation, it is possible to figure out the x/y position of the finger on the surface.

dizmo on a 70″ SHARP Touch Screen

We just got our 70″ SHARP PN-L702B LCD multi touch screen for demo purposes from Telion today. And it took us just a few minutes to get dizmo up and running on it. It based on invisible infrared sensors integrated with the screen and works with your fingers or with a pen that comes along if you want to sketch or write on the screen. The touch recognition resolution is good and really gives you this «pseudo-physical» feeling dizmo provides.